T I T A N  G L O B A L   A S S E T S
"Substantial expertise in the financial arts"
Titan Global Assets: Titan Global Assets is a California based company, which specializes in unique funding and value enhancement arrangements, often referred to as collateralizations or Balance Sheet Enhancements. TGA and our associates are also historically and directly involved with Asset Based Conflict Resolutions. Our investors, our clientele, and their projects are often speculative in nature. We are interested in and capable with both domestic and global projects, with a preference for multi-national operations and markets, especially regarding Balance Sheet Enhancements. Our in-house underwriters are especially adept in creative and customized innovations for a wide variety of files. TGA focuses on the specific needs and demands of our clientele, our industry and the investor community, now fully merged with the global economy. Private Commercial Finance & Collaterals $3,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 USD ($3M to $1B+ USD) What's New at TGA this Year... Please take note: TGA has recently opened its doors in Santa Cruz, California, next to the Monterey Bay. You may now contact Titan Global Assets at:                      Phone: 01 (831) 471-8444                      E-mail: tgainfo@titanglobalassets.com Now Available: New funding sources and innovative, proprietary methods are available with higher limits for qualified applicants. Pre-approvals, low doc funding methods, project packaging, collateral guarantees, consultation services and other additional services are available. TGA now offers Balance Sheet Enhancement for the appreciation of corporate, project and stock values worldwide with a focus on multi-national companies. TGA has a specific system and set of programs to offer Asset Based Conflict Resolution on a global basis. TGA Continues to offer... Time essential Arrangements, Collateralization from the TGA Asset Base, Expedient in-House Underwriting, Venture Capital, Joint Ventures, & Funding. Private investors are always welcome for consultation and contracted underwriting services. Proof of funds and valuation at $6MM USD are required for international consideration; $3MM USD for domestic. Funds may be pooled subject to the discretion of the underwriters and mutual agreement of all parties concerned for any given file. Venture Capital & Worldwide Real Estate Funding Collateralization & Collateral Assignments A Direct source with In-house Underwriting TGA maintains its own Asset Base Direct Investor Contracts Available Balance Sheet Enhancements Asset Based Conflict Resolution Titan Global Assets Overview TGA is a California based company. Eric Lerman and Harry Lerman opened the doors to Titan Global Assets in late 2013. TGA specializes in challenging cases and fast results, always growing with funding and private investor contacts. We assist with introducing investors to projects, help structure terms, negotiate commitments and advise our clients every step of the way. We have arranged funding for countless projects and properties, many of them in developing areas of the world and/or in difficult financial situations, often requiring collaterals from our Asset Base in order to proceed. Commercial Financing Assistance We would like to help you to find your projects and can offer quality assistance with their various needs. TGA will help advise and offer to provide the best scenarios for funding. As well, we are able to provide additional services for clients without sufficient assets for their projects. TGA does have in-house resources, such as the TGA Asset Base and prompt underwriting for direct approvals. We do also provide additional services for our investors and investor associates. Inquire about TGA Level Two and Level Three Consultations. Level Two applies most often to larger projects. Level Three mostly applies to large scale investors, Balance Sheet Enhancements (Corporate, Stock Value and Multi-national as well as sovereign assignments and Asset Based Conflict Resolutions).