A Brief History:     Titan Global Assets is a California based company, which specializes in unique funding and value enhancement arrangements, often referred to as collateralizations or Balance Sheet Enhancements. TGA and our associates are also historically and directly involved with Asset Based Conflict Resolutions. Our investors, our clientele, and their projects are often speculative in nature. We are interested in and capable with both domestic and global projects, with a preference for multi-national operations and markets, especially regarding Balance Sheet Enhancements. Our in-house underwriters are especially adept in creative and customized innovations for a wide variety of files. TGA focuses on the specific needs and demands of our clientele, our industry and the investor community, now fully merged with the global economy. In this brief overview of TGA you will find out about the history of the company and how it came to be where it is today.      TGA emerged with exclusive private investors and a contracted Asset Base. In the mid1980s through the 1990s, the Lermans were busy funding and closing transactions through their alternative finance and mortgage companies. Through their base of private investors they had been a direct source of funding for hard money, distress property, and alternative transactions. The Lermans specialized strictly in fast funding requests. When they were with Lerman Mortgage, Eric and David were the top producers throughout their term with the company. While loans were coming in a steady stream, none of the agents had any funding. In fact, most brokers and finance company owners themselves did not have enough funding to keep up with the demand. Eric Lerman and David Lerman produced more investor capital by themselves than the other twelve agents and the associated seasoned brokers combined. In the late 1980's, Eric Lerman took over Coventry Financial Corporation, an abandoned corporation that had never shown a profit, but was set up to advance.      From the first quarter that Eric Lerman ran CFC, the company not only cash flowed, but profited as well. The local media was enamored with Eric Lerman dubbing him �the humanitarian trustee� in one article in the Contra Costa Times, after an interview with him about the rising rate of loan defaults and foreclosures that was sweeping across the nation, as well as the globe. CFC had handled one mortgage company's hard cases and in fact, had reduced their rate of foreclosure from 22% down to 9 %. This made many private investors more comfortable with hard money funding, and saved many projects and owners from loss and foreclosure.      Though the company was family owned, Eric Lerman desired a larger profit share and more control over the funding process. Eric Lerman opened the doors Phoenix Financial Specialists in the early 1990s. Immediately there was a feeding frenzy of investor action involving funding, default remedies and consultation regarding real estate investment recoveries. From the beginning we have specialized in hard to place loans and fast results, always growing with funding contacts, most of which are private investors. The Lermans have resumed the recovery side of the business, and are quietly renowned for their success in capital recoveries and hostile takeovers. We still do consultations, (and we still specialize in INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE FUNDING).      TGA has an in-house Asset Base and exclusive investors under contract. TGA offers in-house underwriting. Born of an acquisition of another company, a hostile takeover had to be defeated in court. Well known for its innovations and proprietary concepts and contracts, Phoenix Financial Specialists was under siege, and despite the court ruling in its favor, still has unsavory parties imitating and misappropriating the proprietary materials, now under ownership of TGA. However, the Lermans and TGA exceed in the business through successful closings. Unlike many others in the industry, there are no exorbitant fees, and TGA is almost always able to get the assets on the table. TGA assists with introducing clients and investors to projects, helps to structure terms, negotiate commitments and advise its clients every step of the way. TGA operates on a global level. Again, since inception into this industry, the Lermans have made their living through successful closings. We have closed many transactions.  TGA and our principles has raised hundreds of millions of dollars:    TGA and our principles have provided for numerous projects and properties, many of them in hard areas of the world and/or in hard financial situations such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, receivership and hostile takeover. Eric Lerman funded the renowned Phipps Ranch one day from foreclosure sale with private investor capital and our own money as well. Many Presidents and celebrities have visited this environmentally conscious operation. But they were in deep and did not qualify for any program or conventional funding. Private money and the Lermans saved them. They successfully funded the Kevin Bacon subdivision project, the Royal Stahl Rest Home, Oak Park Cemetery and Crematorium, and many other projects such as property development, venture capital, income producing property, acquisitions and many more as a matter of public record. This was merely a small example from the early days and our contacts and capabilities have grown immeasurably since.      It took only four days to raise $65,000,000 USD for acquisition of a portfolio. It only took ten days to raise $32,000,000 USD for a stalled project that had too little protective equity to attract any interest, until a loan was combined with JV money. It usually takes a couple days to achieve a viable funding offer, a couple weeks to negotiate a firm funding commitment, and the Lermans have done overnight fast funding, such as the Phipps.      As we have properly been required to sign many non-disclosures and similar documents, we are not always at liberty to discuss or reference many projects we have been successful with. However, some have gone into public records due to defaults and essential exposure for marketing while others have given their kind permissions to allow us some degree of mention. Please do not disturb or solicit any of the clientele, investors or associates, as some have gone into default, while others do not wish to be disturbed. Any such penetrations or contact will be considered as bad will, damaging interference, or circumvention attempts and may result in our having to take a judicial remedy or other protective position, as our sources are our stock and trade and proprietary information as well. Many consider this an imposition at the highest level of indiscretion and will be either disturbed or offended, as some are in distress while others place a premium on both their privacy and their exposure. This has happened all too often and the results are never pleasant. After all, many active arrangements are avoiding publicity that would benefit their competition, while others have other practical reasons for confidentiality. Below please find descriptions in brevity of closings which TGA, the Lermans, our subsidiaries and our other companies or alternative entities, we have had ownership interest in, have arranged directly, most often as underwriters or investors. These include the usage of investors and their monetary assets, as well as alternative assets we have utilized from either our Asset Bases, past credit lines, direct private investors for funding, collateralizations, BSEs (for company and/or stock enhancements), joint ventures, Asset Based conflict Resolutions and many other alternative transactions.     Investor consultations, client advisories, financial and alternative asset recoveries, various formats of guaranty, hostile property takeovers and more may also be referenced within the scope of necessity essential to closings. Feel free to inquire further if an additional service or circumstance is requested or is of concern as part of a prospective transaction or investor. Please regard the following a merely a small sample of the capabilities of TGA, the Lermans and our valued associates.
T I T A N  G L O B A L   A S S E T S
"Substantial expertise in the financial arts"