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Other Past Projects: Titan Global Assets, Asset Underwriters, and/or the principals of TGA have provided funding, balance sheet enhancement and/or joint venture arrangements for the following projects. This list is not full or conclusive and each project has its own needs. Please regard the information below as being an indication of the types and regions of projects TGA is capable of advancing. The most expedient and profitable closings are from value enhancements, known as BSEs, or Balance Sheet Enhancements and TGA encourages brokers and associates to explore that arena, as well as EB-5 related projects and those of multi-national significance. Transactions can be sensitive and some are not able to be fully disclosed due to either non- disclosure contracts or if these are in default.  TGA will not list clientèle who have requested confidentiality. Amounts may be approximated. AMOUNT:         PROJECT TYPE:         REGION OR COUNTRY: $95MM USD+         Construction conversion      Hawaii, USA A project in receivership and default involving three international banks and two bank guarantees in dispute. Client converting nature of housing project as military base closed. $3MM  USD value.      Distress Loan Privately Funded      Pescadero, CA, USA This was for Phipps Farm and Ranch operations and was our only overnight funding, as the clients, very honorable, yet in default with a trustee’s sale scheduled for the following day. Investors were put in the car and driven to view the parcels, found the low LTV and operations to be favorable and secured by enough protective equity to mitigate the risk. Forbearances were later used to cure default. This is where the ololliberry was invented. $40MM USD joint venture        High end construction resort      Micronesia Resort property with some residential units in prime island location could not legally close due to laws that prohibit foreign interests to have any liens on property in that country. Therefore the project was enhanced with cross collateralization and a joint venture investor for the monetary needs. $100MM USD        Golf Course and High end housing      Mexico This was a collateralization. Assets were appraised, entitled free and clear and successfully contracted in. Client opted for a well known and effective, if not controversial hard money lender who then proceeded to fund the residential side of the project. Nevertheless, assets were provided, funding did occur and commissions were rendered, albeit at a much smaller amount. TGA has the capability to fund completely such a project, should the client elect to resume. $300MM USD                 Balance Sheet Enhancement                  San Francisco area, CA, USA A stock value enhancement was required to increase the client’s Corporate value in order to qualify for a low interest fund from Indonesian investment entity. Provide from in-house assets with a fast turnaround time of less than 30 days. $10MM USD+                  Asset-Based Conflict Resolution         Indonesia Unrest was resolved together with a dispute over the use of an agricultural region, wherein assets had to be induced and a presentation given to cause agreement between three entities in dispute. It is unfortunate that a typhoon created further distress about two years after and conflict resumed. The amount stated is far less than provided, at the request of the investors involved. $3MM USD        Smart Card Company Acquisition         Hong Kong This transaction involved the buy-out of a company that specialized in information technologies and did require a joint venture arrangement in order to achieve a funding arrangement, though the client did default, the investors fully recovered their investments. $3MM USD value        Resort Acquisition & Development California,USA A distressed project with joint venture partners in dispute became unruly and a hostile property takeover ensued. Funded directly and then foreclosed upon directly; included a fine restaurant on site and residential lots. Funding and foreclosure all completed in-house. Full recovery ensued. $30MM USD        Distress funding for a tourist operation Hawaii, USA This was a third party arrangement to cure a default and retain the asset, a fully completed project, which did indeed fall back into default and returned to us for a refinance two years later. $5MM USD        Restaurant chain expansion          Vancouver, Canada A hybrid transaction involving both a joint venture investor and a debt service arrangement. $10MM USD        High rise construction          Manilla, Phillipines Office and residential units in a project involving two “tower” structures. Client does occasionally return with new projects and referrals. $12MM USD+         Island resort project          Brazil Joint venture arrangement utilizing in-house assets to qualify a refinance and funding for completion. Resort was successfully completed and client sold out project to investor group.   $50MM USD          Quarry and plant operation India Initially rejected, the investors eventually were satisfied and did render an arrangement. Although the client refused all offers, this is indicative of our ability to prove and provide assets into areas unfavorable to most investors, as the region is remote and has few services available. $10MM USD           Hotel and casino          Cat Bah, Viet Nam Client initially demanded a bank guarantee, against our consultation. However, it was provided and then a hard asset was required to enact sufficient value for finance. In-house assets were used. The BG was dismissed as no longer being necessary; as initially advised. Project was well into the interior of the country, and had a very elite and specific target market. Defaulted and recovered all assets involved. $8MM USD Casino acquisition          Dominican Republic Joint venture arrangement to enable German entrepreneur to acquire Punta Kana casino involved investor from Croatia and value enhancement utilizing property from the mountain area, mid-island near Haitian border during Haitian conflict. $10MM USD        Real estate, oil and gas acquisition and development project      Texas, USA Texas based operation utilizing Mexico based investor and joint venture from Canada based investor. Additionally, hard money debt service arranged with an investor in the Carribean. $10MM USD          Hotel refinance & expansion        Juarez de Ciudad, Mexico During a time of regional conflict, even as the Mexican economy was emerging. We were then and do remain now, well situated in Mexico, as both the economy and the property values rise.
Past projects Our direct investors have fully funded or fractionalized in funding the following ventures & more.