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Services We Provide:  *Private Commercial Finance & Collaterals *INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL FINANCING: -$3,000,000-USD to $300,000,000-USD -Domestic, International & Multi-National -Sovereign Credit Lines -Tourism Projects -Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial Investors *FUNDING FOR INCOMPLETE/STALLED CONSTRUCTION: -$3,000,000-USD to $300,000,000-USD -We may assist preferable projects with Credit Lines &/or equity to achieve completion. -We are default experts -Tourism and Resort Specialists -Credit Lines, Loans and Joint Ventures *GROWTH STAGE PROJECTS OR COMPANY BUYOUTS: -$50,000,000-USD to $300,000,000-USD -Open to all regions -Specialized Investor interest in projects located in USA, Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America -Case By Case Specialized Arrangements *Worldwide Real Estate & Business Funding as a Direct Source *Collateral Guarantees (Hard Asset Backing) *In-House Underwriting & Asset Base *Asset Based Conflict Resolution *Balance Sheet Enhancement (Collateralization, Corporate & Stock Value Enhancements) *Venture Capital *Joint Ventures *Project Packaging *Advisory Services Provided *Investor's Underwriting *Trust Deed Profiles for Investors (inquire about adjusted minimums) *Additional Services Available Titan Global Assets is a company, which specializes in high finance, collateral assets and underwriting a wide variety of projects, national and international, $3million USD minimum. TGA handles a variety of projects and property types. We are interested in almost any funding request that makes good business sense, if it is well collateralized or has an extremely appealing revenue stream. TGA knows the right people who can make a decision. If you send “blind” or unsolicited funding requests to venture capitalists, private investors, REITs, or investment pools, you will most often be treated like a dreamer looking for a free lunch. Many e-mails & fax machines seem to be positioned so that all transmissions feed directly into the wastebasket. We know the CEOs, the Chairman of the Board, The Presidents and “higher-ups” of the companies and the investor pools we deal with. We are in direct contact with our private investors, their attorneys, accountants, and advisors. We underwrite for most of them, either initially, or even all the way through to funding. We know who specializes in aircraft, boats, casinos, hospitality, business, asset based and venture capital funding. We have thousands of sources in our download, though we tend to only deal with a handful of them on a regular basis. TGA can provide funding, and Balance Sheet Enhancements for almost any area on the globe. TGA enables funding by adding value worldwide. We have endless investors for projects in the USA and Canada. We also have many sources of funding from Mexico for projects located throughout the world. If a project or property makes sense, or if the collateral is sufficient, then we will pursue a closing. TGA is particularly interested in emerging markets. Indonesia, Asia, NE Europe are of particular interest to certain investors we have either contracted or met with in the scope of underwriting within their set parameters. South America and the Caribbean are of great interest as certain markets are under-served. Call or e-mail our office today for a Preliminary Application and more information. Phone: 01 (831) 471-8444 E-mail:tgainfo@titanglobalassets.com To receive your initial free phone consultation about your project, return a completed Preliminary Application to TGA today.