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STATEMENT OF ADVISORY SERVICES Our services are available in three levels: 1.Engagement & Level One Advisory     A. Initial underwriting and identification of investors and/or their underwriters.     B. Level One Advisory.     C. Endorsement and presentation to investors.     D. Consideration and pre-approval for usage of specific assets from PFS Asset            Base.     E. Site Review and/or On-Site Business Meeting Engagement for advisories as well as funding, guaranty, joint ventures, asset- based conflict resolution, collateralization, and/or Balance Sheet Enhancement (BSE) services are provided under the terms of the document entitled, “FEE AGREEMENT”.  All services include appropriate basic consultation the client would need in order to be informed, prepared and enforced to any specific investor. This type of consultation is entitled “LEVEL ONE ADVISORY”,  and is further described below. TGA will analyze the project, transaction or assignment in short form and present the transaction request(s) to direct sources, both in-house and external. Though contracted as direct Underwriters with authority to make and condition offers and proposals for many of our investors and the assets that have been contracted into our Asset Base, TGA will not hesitate to utilize alternative direct sources from our download as well as to our successful associates from previous projects, transactions and assignments over a 25 year span. We do only approach direct investors, their underwriters, and/or appropriate parties who can directly provide a bilateral contract for the task- funding, assets and/or financial instruments appropriate to the needs and requests of any particular client or file, with great consideration for the fulfilment of a specific investor’s requirements and/or preferences. Though we have operated as direct source on most transactions, we are often engaged to advise, endorse, negotiate and present a client’s request to the most likely sources for their project’s requirements. This may also apply to any deficiencies that are known, disclosed or may be identified. TGA and the Lermans are a direct source of assets and investors. We are often approached to provide joint venture arrangements and/or collateralizations, including collateral assignments and Balance Sheet Enhancements based on segregated assets mostly utilizing the hard assets from the TGA Asset Base. These are usually in the form of appraised real estate and are not to be confused with policies or guarantees, although such can be quickly arranged.  TGA has contracted real estate and other highly valuable assets for the purpose of Balance Sheet Enhancements, development, and more commonly for the purpose of backing projects with a protective equity that will enable proven investors to offer funding in a realistic and time essential manner. Site review and/or On-Site business meeting is always recommended and usually required. 2.Engagement and Level Two Advisory    A. Project File Review.    B. Packaging Advisory and Recommendations.    C. Specific Investor Profile.    D. Specific Investor Process Advisory.    E. Site Review and/or On-Site Business Meeting. Projects and their principles, including those in conflict, need to have their file reviewed with a focus on preparation for basic requirements and reasonable recommendations as to documentation, approach and specific advice for handling the investor, the underwriter(s) and/or the conflicted parties, if applicable. As well, basic information regarding the specific process and documentation needs to be disclosed to the client in order to ensure the best opportunity to meet that project’s goals and requirements. There exists a vastly different scenario between any given file and the focus of that project’s success. A LEVEL TWO ADVISORY is a customized report and may involve extensive research and third party specialists, such as multi-national attorneys, appraisers and risk calculations, amongst other possible information that may be recommended. 3.Level Three Advisory    A. Project File Review.    B. Asset and Principle Profiles    C. Level Two Advisory (if applicable)    D. Site Review and/or On-Site Business Meeting    E. Separate Meetings with Conflicted Parties (if applicable)    F. Meeting of Resolution Proposal or Conclusion (if applicable) Although much of the above is self-explanatory, assets and quite often collaterals are key to success. TGA  is a direct source of Balance Sheet Enhancement and collateralization, which is the process by which highly valuable assets, mostly real estate, can be provided for a transaction or to cure defaults and/or disputes. Free and clear real estate parcels together with the title and appraisal data are disclosed on an official offer. Real estate can be the difference in creating a viable funding scenario or a method of adding value to a company, a portfolio or a file, for instance, whereby a real estate lender and/or investor will be given a protective equity (not an equity participation necessarily) which will meet their requirements in funding a project based on the value of the hard assets attached in the form of real estate appraised well above the value of the funding request. This can serve to mitigate the investors’ risk level at any given phase including start-up and completion. Real estate project funding processes, terms and rates are almost always ascertained in consideration of demographics, protective equities and revenues. Value of collaterals and high revenues are the most certain aspects of gaining time essential interest from direct investors who are in the business of funding through the process of bilateral obligation and contractual agreement of the rate, terms and conditions of funding. Please feel free to request more precise information for existing clientèle who may require BSE, asset-based conflict resolution or alternative services, as these  are far more sophisticated and customized assignments. LEVEL THREE ADVISORY regards mostly investors and can also apply to hard projects, portfolios and entities in conflict, default, distress and disarray. Often an “L3” is called upon to analyze trust deed portfolios and international or multi- national affairs. However, although mostly investors seem inclined towards the use of this service, an L3 can be requested for situations of any given entity’s matters of concern, including fractionalized investors, territorial adversaries and borrowers regarding matters of distress, default, foreclosure, forbearance and other more potent conflicts. The L3 may include, if appropriate, portfolio review reports. Site review reports, attorney assistance and analysis with recommendations. A written report is always proposed and an on-site face-to-face meeting is usually required. L3 can become extensive and only should be considered by entities of high net worth or for assignments of high impact and value, such as those projects or portfolios that contain substantial cash equities at risk of loss or severe devaluation. L3 can also pertain to capital recovery. We have advised scores of investors how to  best handle their own troubled files, borrowers, partners and more. Please consider this disclosure as being merely a brief example of the scope and value of the L3 service. As with all of our functions, Titan  Global Assets is proud to offer service worldwide, wherever the legalities do not prohibit.  
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