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BALANCE  SHEET  ENHANCEMENT Titan Global Assets (TGA) has our exclusive system of Balance Sheet Enhancement (BSE), whereby the value of a qualified corporation, project(s) and/or stock issue(s) are increased by the process of placing highly appraised hard assets upon the balance sheet. TGA has an Asset Base in-house and contracted for such transactions as would be customized to fit the essential needs of any given entity or circumstance. Assets are usually most effective in the range of $30MM USD to $100MM USD. However, there is a minimum of $3MM USD and no maximum set at this time. The clientèle must be presented in concise fashion in order to identify the nature of the request to have access to the assets and to receive a proposal of substance. Many entities have utilized collaterals of various types including policies such as BGs, LSPs and an endless array of creative paperwork which usually has no relevant connection to their needs. After having the task of underwriting many of these, as a contracted private underwriter, TGA has identified the need within the marketplace of having assets to utilize for transactions which must have the qualities of value appreciation. Hard assets such as real estate are the obvious choice of seasoned investors. Subject to availability, to qualification, and then to negotiation, hard assets are contracted into the subject entity; thus increasing value and exposure of that entity and related variables such as stock issue(s),  project values, revenues and more. It is common to downsize, outsource,  use subsidiary creation and other such techniques to enhance value. It is common practice to utilize mergers and hostile takeovers as well. Mostly, enhancement specialists are expected to make use of what any given company already has and build value from within. However, after much research, it was found that there were no offers or mention of the consideration of utilizing global assets, many of which are sitting and can be developed. TGA seeks international and multi-national entities to utilize BSE . TGA favors benevolent and beneficial companies and projects which create opportunities for economic growth, heightened consumerism and employment markets. In this manner the world economy and the money markets which largely determine our collective financial destinies can be brought to a more expedient growth. Emerging markets are our prime targets. Many entities on Wall Street, as well as from within certain European, Asian, and alternative markets; especially Mexico, for a prime example, can exhibit greater progress with higher stock, corporate and project values as BSE develops into a more common procedure. TGA invites your inquiries and activity, as it will take a concerted effort and cooperation to achieve this on a large scale. Further inquiries are best made from contact with TGA and the analysis of submissions directly with the associates and the entities themselves. You may request a short from application or submit a concise request, proposal or executive summary to: tgainfo@titanglobalassets.com.  
Balance Sheet Enhancement