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CREDIT LINE ASSETS Projects in good standing yet in need of a solution for  a high LTV caused by insufficient collateral can find solutions in Titan Global Assets (TGA) as we have our tried & true Credit Line Assets (CLA). CLAs arrange a self dissolving partnership between a qualified project and one of our exclusive investors allowing for their highly appraised hard asset to improve the collateral in the project. TGA has an Asset Base in-house and contracted for such transactions as would be customized to fit the essential needs of any given project or circumstance. CLAs are designed to as well allow project principals to regain full ownership of their projects over time. Assets are usually most effective in the range of $30MM USD to $100MM USD. However, there is a minimum of $3MM USD and no maximum set at this time. Hard assets such as real estate are the obvious choice of seasoned investors when it comes to collateral needs. CLAs are subject to availability, qualification, and then to negotiation. More specific terms outlining the CLA arrangement occur on a case by case basis as the conditions needed differ from one project to the next & as well from one Asset provider to the next. TGA favors benevolent and beneficial companies and projects which create opportunities for economic growth, heightened consumerism and employment markets. In this manner the world economy and the money markets which largely determine our collective financial destinies can be brought to a more expedient growth. Emerging markets are our prime targets. Further inquiries are best made from contact with TGA and the analysis of submissions directly with the associates and the entities themselves. You may request a short from application or submit a concise request, proposal or executive summary to: tgainfo@titanglobalassets.com.  
Credit Line Assets